Ask yourself, Is your company on top of developing a great skill set atmosphere? It amazes me, so many businesses today, rely just on price and price only. It's your business, to have your people, in tune to the public.
THE SIMPLE, Listen to your client, take a true professional approach. Take notes, be 100 percent committed, to what they are saying. NOW, after your client has engaged with your people, make sure your people, know how to ask for the order and when they do, to understand to be SILENT.

This is a lost art in most companies today.

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I put together an ALLIANCE, with 3 companies in the AUTOSPACE, that I did business with. MY mindset and ambition, is to take these 3 great companies, to the market place on jet fuel. We will be STRATEGIC, GAME PLAN, and set GOALS.

We will all be trying to grow each company together.. This will be a model, for all to have the ability, to duplicate. The overwhelming facet, everyone involved is on the 84,95 or 105 RULE. WE ALL BELIEVE IN.... it takes a passion of 84 -105 hours a week, of pushing great results into our CLIENTS, SO OUR CLIENTS GROW AT INCREDIBLE LEVELS. We know if we are always pushing ourselves to HELP OUR CLIENTS GROW..... EVERYONE GETS POSITIVE RESULTS....

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It’s 2017. Take stock in who you are… What makes you truly tick? Take all of your life experiences, education, put it all to work for you with a cause and effect… Take control of your aspirations, set goals that are unrealistic… Go for it!!!!!! You do IT!!!!

Whatever, falls short… Does not matter… I promise you, it will be much better, than any other year… You will be proud of yourself!!!!

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The single most overlooked strategy is a Formal Strategic Long Term Foundational Referral Program! How about a SECOND and THIRD Strategic REFERRAL Program!!! Go to the customers in your pipeline of business, with the TRUTH. Tell them the following, YOU are our client, we want your help to reach more customers!!!

YOUR COMPANY.... Must be willing to do the following.... MOTIVATE, your existing client BASE... INSPIRE... At levels, no other company will...

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