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We make any BDC operation 20% more efficient. Response to every lead that comes through your CRM in 10 minutes or less, giving your BDC more time to do what they do best — calling customers and scheduling appointments. We personalize our rapid response product based on the lead information and deliver multiple quotes in minutes by real people, not bots or automation.

We will provide personalized real conversations by industry-trained salespeople. No bots and no automation. Before the customer even steps inside your showroom, they’ll get the VIP service they will love. You get valuable details about what they want to buy — with zero awkwardness. From text messaging to video, chat to voice — We offer your customers multiple lines of communication to help you engage them better. Photos, videos, and a consolidated timeline keep customer interactions organized and searchable. All managed by us so you can spend more time doing what you do best, selling and servicing cars.

Real Communications Package

Work smarter, not harder

Accountable advertising isn’t the future–it’s right now. Businesses demand a marketing partner with proven strategies, measured results and complete transparency to dominate in the digital marketplace. Luckily for you, that’s exactly what we are. We have earned a reputation for using innovative strategies with the latest technology to continually reduce advertising costs and improve profitability for our clients.

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Real BDC Platinum Package

Market smarter

If you’re like most businesses, it’s probably considerably cheaper for you to try to double the conversion rate of your existing website traffic than to double the traffic itself. With business intelligence, advertising analytics and conversion optimization, you’ll know who and where your customers are, how and why they make their purchases, and what you need to do to convert them.

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Real Service BDC

Work that inspires

We create connections between good brands and their customers. Our creative teams blend compelling, engaging designs that deliver effective brand messaging and customer experiences through inspiring work that, quite simply, just works.

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